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  • Gore Shriek Card Set 1

    The first 6 classic Gore Shriek covers brilliantly reproduced in full color on 4" X 6" cards. Collect them, frame them or even mail them!! Set of 6 different cards. Limited to 150 sets for the entire world.

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    • $9.99
  • Gore Shriek Card Set 2

    All 6 issues of Volume 2 reproduced in full color on six different 6 X 4 cards.

    Suitable for framing or mailing!!

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    • $9.99
  • Shriek Special #1

    Prepare to enter the terrifying and nightmarish world of British artist Paul Winter! It's a land where things are not exactly as they appear to be... or are they? Paul's art is unique: highly detailed and as dazzling as it is disturbing. Four horror tales fill this issue including a graphic and frightening tale delving inside the mind of Jack the Ripper.

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    • $5.99
  • Eerie Publications The Complete Covers Soft Cover Book

    (W) Mike Howlett (A)   Various (CA) Bill Alexander

    Shrieking at you from the newsstands like garish sideshow banners, the notorious Eerie Publications magazines dared petrified comic readers of the 60s and 70s to look. With the promise of torture and gore, those covers burned themselves into the brain of everyone who saw them. Now, for the first time, we've collected every known cover from this putrid publisher and are presenting them chronologically, fully annotated and in full color. The good, the bad, and the ugly - the Whole Bloody Mess.

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