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  • Gremlins Stripe Funky Chunky Magnet

    These magnets are so thick, so CHUNKY they stand on their own!

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  • Gremlins Gizmo In Car 3D Foam Magnet

    From Monogram Products. Flaunt your fandom on your fridge or desk with this 3D foam magnet of the beloved mogwai Gizmo from Gremlins! Each 3" magnet comes individually packaged in a bag with hang tag for easy display.

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    • $6.99
  • Gremlins Stripe Horror Heroes 1/16 Figures

    The Horror Heroes Figurine Collection showcases the most famous fiends in film as hand-painted statuettes sculpted in metallic resin. These figurines come posed atop a display base, and are sealed in collector-friendly window packaging.

    Mysterious creatures purchased from a Chinatown antiques store, Mogwai make cute and cuddly pets. Just remember – don't expose them to sunlight, or they'll die. Don't expose them to water, or they'll multiply. And above all, don't feed them after midnight – or you'll get a Gremlin!

    Cruel, mischievous reptilian creatures, the Gremlins rampaged through the quaint town of Kingston Falls – thwarted only with the help of sunlight, explosives, and Gizmo, the last remaining Mogwai! "Stripe" was the ringleader of these animatronic abominations in Gremlins (1984) – this figurine depicts him at 1:8 scale, signature tuft and all!

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  • Gremlins Stripe Air Freshener

    This beautiful full color 3.5" wide air freshener, comes elastic band to make it easy to attach any place you want to smell clean and fresh.

    The Stripe Gremlin Scare Freshener has a wonderful Cinnamon scent to fill Air.

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  • Gremlins Halloween Countdown Calendar

    From Jakks Pacific. Help Gizmo find all the Gremlins and mean Mogwai before they find him and count down the days until Halloween with this mischievously creepy Gremlins Countdown Calendar. With the Gremlins Countdown Calendar, you can enjoy 31 days of creepy collectible surprises from the movie Gremlins! Surprises include 1-inch stylized posed figures of favorite characters like Gizmo, Stripe, and more! It features pop-up environment pieces so you can re-create the movie theater scene. If you missed Halloween the calendar can also be used to countdown other favorite holidays!

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    • $49.99