About Us

The House of Mysterious Secrets began in 2004 by founder Kevin - though initially it had a much more benign name: "Kevin's Collectibles". Being a fan of Horror comics, I thought it would be cool to switch the business name to something that was an homage to two faves of mine: DC's The House of Mystery & The House of Secrets. So, yeah, that's where the title came from. Looking back now, I should have come up with something a bit more...easier to remember, not so long to type out; but it's far too late to change it now, and I still think it's cool.

I've been a horror and monster movie fan since I was a little kid, watching movies with my grandmother Saturday mornings, on local Philadelphia, PA TV stations way back in the '70s and '80s!

I've always been a fan of monsters and weird movies, I particularly enjoy '70s and '80s horror the most, as well as many Italian genre films.

I am also a collector of various toys, vinyl records, books, magazines, comic books, movies...the usual nerdy stuff.