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  • HP Lovecraft Against The World Against Life Hardcover

    HP Lovecraft Against The World Against Life Hardcover

    (W) Michel Houellebecq

    Best-selling French novelist Michel Houellebecq pays tribute to the master of horror, H. P. Lovecraft. Part biographical sketch, part pronouncement on existence and literature, the best-selling French novelist Michel Houellebecq's H. P. Lovecraft: Against the World, Against Life, was published in France in 1991 and is the first non-fiction text ever published by the author.

    Here, France's most famous contemporary author praises his prewar American alter ego's style, which couldn't be less like his own. With a foreword by Lovecraft admirer Stephen King, this eloquently translated edition is an insightful introduction to both Lovecraft's dark mythology and Houellebecq's deadpan prose. 

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  • Famous Monsters of Filmland Chronicles II

    Famous Monsters of Filmland Chronicles II

    FantaCo Publication's incredible 21st-Century 242-page collection of every Famous Monsters of Filmland cover during the Warren years, numbers 1 to 191, teeming with insightful and sometimes unknown backstories. Reborn by the original publisher, Tom Skulan, intensely researched and edited by Kaz Sanchez. This book is a collectors piece which includes a handwritten interview with James Warren; fantastic illustrations by "The Gurch" and Stephen R. Bissette; detailed indexes of horror films and "the people," and abundantly more the cover was a commissioned painting by Basil Gogos that had never been published before. This became Basil's final cover painting. 

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  • Monster Art of Basil Gogos (Softcover)

    Monster Art of Basil Gogos (Softcover)

    Produced in partnership with Basil Gogos' wife, this book contains rare sketches, illustrations and paintings from Basil personal files and collections. You will be able to see how Basil created his exquisite paintings. Most images have never been published before. 200 glossy pages of color and B & W monsters to delight the monster kid in you!! 

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  • Overstreet Guide to Collecting Horror

    Overstreet Guide to Collecting Horror

    From movie posters to comic books, from toys to video games and beyond, The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Horror covers everything horrific and collectible! With feature interviews with creators and collectors, it's packed with information and is a must-have for anyone looking to expand their knowledge, their insight or their collection. It's the latest in the "How-To" series from the team behind The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.

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  • Frightfest Guide to Monster Movies

    Frightfest Guide to Monster Movies

    (W) Michael Gingold

    The entire spectrum of screen  monsters and creatures is gathered in one volume covering 200 films. It  starts in the silent era and traces the history of the genre through to  the present day. From Universal Studios legends such as Frankenstein's  Monster and the Mummy, to the big bugs, atomic mutants and space  invaders that terrorized the '50s, to the kaiju of Japan and the  ecological nightmares of the '70s and '80s, to the CG creatures and  updated favorites of recent years, they're all here. 

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  • It Came From the Video Aisle

    It Came From the Video Aisle

    (W) David Jay & Various

    Charles Band's Full Moon  Entertainment was the most remarkable B-movie studio of the 1990s,  responsible for a barrage of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror classics during  the last true "golden age" of the home video era. From Puppetmaster to Trancers and beyond, Full Moon transformed the VHS experience for fans  worldwide, bringing the inner workings of the movie-making process into  the living room, and in turn creating a ravenous fan base that remains  to this day. This book tracks the history of the company, featuring rare  artwork, behind-the-scenes photos, and over 50 exclusive interviews  with the cast and crew who helped to create the legendary B-movie  studio. 

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